Why in english?

Maybe you are asking yourself why perform in english and not in Danish here in Denmark.

I’ll try to answer that question and hopefully convince you that is for the best.

Now, in terms strictly of language, the strengths have a very different impact in people. For instance, Danish is a very strong-sounding and edgy language, therefore it is perfectly suited for drama and comedy.

Maybe and only maybe that’s part of the reason why we have so many wonderful comedians in this country.

English in general is a soft-sounding language which allows people to perceive romantics and mysterious feelings, enhancing what is called “the magic atmosphere”

Denmark is a multicultural country and therefore very often happens a situation where, in a group of people, one or more persons don't speak danish so why miss the opportunity to include them, on the other hand 86% of Danes have english as a second language, so why not? 😃

Reflecting on all these points I came to a (complete personal) conclusion and belief that english is the most suited language to perform this art.

Did I convince you?